Asporia XV and you: the winning team!


Jean Vandevelde, Founder and President of Asporia, offers to clubs and players working with and trusting his company, his professional experience and his legal knowledge. He is especially in charge of contractual negotiations between players and clubs managers, with whom he often shares a similar professional experience, and give to interested players advice related to wealth and tax management and legal issues with the support of speciliazed professionals.

Arnaud Seux, Head of Rugby Operations, started his playing career with PUC and Racing Métro 92. Arnaud still plays today at the Federale 2 level (4th level overall). Owner of a Master's degree in Sport Management, Arnaud has been heading Rugby Operations since 2010.


The long-term relationships he nurtures with club managers, his past experience and his network allow him to be very effective in identifying market oportunities at the Top 14 and Pro D2 levels. Close to the field and the players, he is focused on building for them a successful professional career.

Sébastien Audinet played the most exciting part of his career with Racing Métro 92 between teh ages of 17 and 21. He was also a member of the famous youth teams of the Lakanal high school. Sébastien keeps playing for fun at the Fédérale 3 level and enjoys most Seven-Rugby where he finds the siprit and the values of the kind of Rugby he enjoys best.


About to obtain his master's degree in Sport Management, Sebastien has been working since 2011 with Asporia XV players. Thanks to his large player network and astrng knowledge of professional Rugby, and very attentive to players needs and expectations, he brings a stong added value to the players he manages.