Asporia XV and you: a winning team!

Rugby-related activities are performed within Asporia XV, subsidiary of Asporia.


As for all our activities, Asporia XV values are: professionalism, ethics, reliability and openness.


We are maintaining long-term relationships with professional clubs, based on mutual trust. The understanding of their objectives, values, strategy and short-term needs are key elements we take into account to contribute to their success and to our players' sucess. We share with them up-to-date information, networks, points of view, to be always a step ahead of our competitors.


We communicate especially with recruting departments and sport managers to better follow and optimize our players' evolution.


We also develop our international network, especially in major Rugby countries, like England, South-Africa, New-Zealand, Australia, and some Pacific Islands. With this, we develop strong relationships with foreign companies, which allows us to offer new and exciting opportunities to our players, as well as talented players to French clubs.