The Asporia 11 Team



Jean Vandevelde, founder and President of Asporia, offers to clubs and players working with and trusting his company, his professional experience and his legal knowledge. He is especially in charge of contractual negotiations between players and clubs managers, with whom he often shares a similar professional experience, and give to interested players advice related to wealth management and legal issues with the support of specilaized professionals.

Djamel Yassaad, Head of Asporia 11 Football Operations, has football player experience in Vincennes, Auxerre's youth academy and Créteil.

He obtained a Master's degree in sport management in a major Parisian Business School and has been in charge of football operations since the activity really started in 2010.

Close to the field and the players, he is focused on building for them a successful professional career.

Dedicated, thorough and effective, he is particularly at ease with young high-potential players.