Asporia and You: a winning team!

Founded in 2008 by Jean Vandevelde, licensed agent, Asporia is now a respected player in the world of professionnal sports, both in France and internationnaly.


The company is a perfect mixture of a 25-year professional experience, brought by its founder and President, owner of a Master of Law degree, and the youth and enthusiasm of his team, avalaible full-time to bring the best anwers to all player management issues.


In 2010, the company moves to its offices in the heart of Paris, and benefits from its geographical proximity to the most important French sport entities, such as the French Football Federation (FFF), the French Professional Football League (LFP), the French Rugby Federation (FFR),  the French Professional Rugby League (LFP), and the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF).


Asporia manages the career of about 50 athletes, for which about 20 professional contracts have been signed in 2013. This represents around 20.000 kms of travel around the country during the sports season, to stay close to all our players.


Asporia's fundamental values, key to successful collaborations, are the following : professionalism, ethics, reliability, and openness.